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My sister is thirty-one years old. Don't you think that's a bit too old to start panicking about every little thing as if you're still a teenager? She overreacts for the simplest things and then calls my mom to whine about it. Fucking grow up, you damn hag.


I saw Star Trek and it was amazing! I've always disliked all things Trek but I really liked this movie. I want to see it again.

Deep sigh

Television producers just don't want me to be happy. First with Kara/Lee on Battlestar Galactica and now Sara/Michael on Prison Break.

So so so done with shipping.

Help me help myself

This post is going to be without proper formatting and spelling. Just so you all are warned. I haven't watched Lost since it started back up again but now I have the urge to do so. Problem is, I'm probably going to be completely, utterly and helplessly lost. Does anyone have five hours to kill to catch me up to speed PLEEEAAASSSSEEE? There's a nice, warm chocolate chip cookie in it for you. Or sugar, macadamia. Whichever is your thing.

*Does Happy Dance*

I need a happy post after the last. Well, it's a happy post to me, maybe not to Federer fans.

Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer 7-5 6-3 7-6 (5) in the semifinals of the Australian Open. He meets Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (who demolished Nadal in his semi) in the finals. For the first time in about three years, we'll have a Grand Slam champion not named Federer or Nadal (Marat Safin won the 2005 Australian Open and has proceeded to not give a crap since). I was very sad at the beginning of the championships (because Andy Roddick lost and has followed Marat into crapdom, closely followed by Lleyton Hewitt; this generation won't be around for much longer *tears* although I won't be sad to see Hewitt go). But I digress. Now, I'm very happy because Tsonga is finally over his injuries and playing to his potential and I'm happy for anyone who doesn't bow and scrape when they meet Federer (now if only David Nalbandian can put the cheeseburgers down more than two weeks out of the year).

So in closing, congratulations to Djokovic. I'll be rooting for Novak in the final though; he's due for one.

My condolences, forgetfulone. :)

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I haven't posted in forever but I'm going to try and update this regularly again. For my very first post in the new year, I wanted to make it worthwhile. I guess my feelings about the death of Heath Ledger is good enough.

I really don't know why his death has hit me so hard. I'm still in shock. I never react to a celeb's death like this, and I'm thinking it's the same way for a lot of other folks. It's just hard to believe someone with so much talent and...just a good person is gone. Just someone who minded his own business and worked hard at his craft and didn't make a career of being a profession dumbass. I just feel so...I guess confused and bewildered are the terms. Other celebs have had shocking deaths but this one just really got me. Probably because I was one of the five people who saw his first mainstream project in the U.S., the television series Roar. He was just a baby at the time (18).

There are some people who are angry at Jake for not saying anything yet. To those people I only have one thing to say: Go sit the fuck down and shut your ass up.

My condolences to his family, especially poor little Matilda.