Kendra (onyxrose81) wrote,

Deathly Hollows stuff *You should have read this by now*

Albus Severus Potter? Scorpius-God-Knows-What-Malfoy? Really?

If these kids make it through all of those years at Hogwarts without getting beat up, they win at life. Although their dads are the most powerful wizard alive/former Death Eater so not many kids will mess with them anyway but still. Other thoughts:

FRED!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs* The Weasleys get one son back, but loses another one. That's awful.

Don't mess with Mama Weasley.

Ron and Hermione...finally. Jeez, what was taking so long? At the first sign of impending doom, I would've been hit that.

Harry is a man, baby. As much as the epilogue was drippy, sappy fanfic, I'm glad he got a happy endin (erm, in the two remaining movies, please let the actress who plays Ginny wear her makeup. Without it she looks homely and not like the maneater she's supposed to be. It's shallow but whatever.).

OMG, I forgot about Neville!!! Neville rules at life, seriously. Future Headmaster of Hogwarts...think about it people. He killed a snake while on fire. Duuude.

I forgot about Snape as well. Someone just kill me. My heart broke for him seriously. But dude, if you would have just bought some Pantene and stop acting so weird, you would have had a chance.
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