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I haven't posted in forever but I'm going to try and update this regularly again. For my very first post in the new year, I wanted to make it worthwhile. I guess my feelings about the death of Heath Ledger is good enough.

I really don't know why his death has hit me so hard. I'm still in shock. I never react to a celeb's death like this, and I'm thinking it's the same way for a lot of other folks. It's just hard to believe someone with so much talent and...just a good person is gone. Just someone who minded his own business and worked hard at his craft and didn't make a career of being a profession dumbass. I just feel so...I guess confused and bewildered are the terms. Other celebs have had shocking deaths but this one just really got me. Probably because I was one of the five people who saw his first mainstream project in the U.S., the television series Roar. He was just a baby at the time (18).

There are some people who are angry at Jake for not saying anything yet. To those people I only have one thing to say: Go sit the fuck down and shut your ass up.

My condolences to his family, especially poor little Matilda.
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