Kendra (onyxrose81) wrote,

*Does Happy Dance*

I need a happy post after the last. Well, it's a happy post to me, maybe not to Federer fans.

Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer 7-5 6-3 7-6 (5) in the semifinals of the Australian Open. He meets Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (who demolished Nadal in his semi) in the finals. For the first time in about three years, we'll have a Grand Slam champion not named Federer or Nadal (Marat Safin won the 2005 Australian Open and has proceeded to not give a crap since). I was very sad at the beginning of the championships (because Andy Roddick lost and has followed Marat into crapdom, closely followed by Lleyton Hewitt; this generation won't be around for much longer *tears* although I won't be sad to see Hewitt go). But I digress. Now, I'm very happy because Tsonga is finally over his injuries and playing to his potential and I'm happy for anyone who doesn't bow and scrape when they meet Federer (now if only David Nalbandian can put the cheeseburgers down more than two weeks out of the year).

So in closing, congratulations to Djokovic. I'll be rooting for Novak in the final though; he's due for one.

My condolences, forgetfulone. :)
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