You're a moron.

But I forgive you 'cause you cried in your press conference and shit.

Still loving you fondly, even though you choked away a two set, one break lead,

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I really haven't updated this thing in four months? More than four months? Where the fuck was I?

What have I been doing? Just full time work. I hate the real world, with the going to the office at 8, and paying bills and being responsible adults. I need to go back to school.

That's pretty much what I've been doing. Very, very sad.

Okay, so I'll see you all in another four months. Kidding. Kinda.

Blows cobwebs of lj

It's been quite a while but I figured that I needed to end the year with at least one more entry. Fittingly enough, I have some great news in which to start this journal.


I'm so happy, I could spit. It's entry level, of course since I just graduated a few months ago, but it's enough to keep my dad off my back. Plus, benefits people...benefits. The title is Financial Assistant which means I'm basically fucking around with people's money. It's at the university I graduated from, and am currently working part-time in, which is what I wanted. I can't bear to be away from the academic scene. Hopefully, if it all works out, I can lessen my debt, and then hopefully work on a master's.

The only thing that's marring my joy is the fact that my older sister doesn't have a job yet. But that's her own fault because she made the mistake of getting two degrees in fields that she had no interest in...even though we all told her this. But she'll still be quite the bitch (well, bitchier) for the next few...well, decades or whenever she gets a job.

But that's basically all I have to say so I'll see you in another six months.

*Looks at account*

Someone please tell me not to spend what little money I have over the weekend. Must save it to get Prison Break DVD.

When the hell does Christina's cd come out? I'm too lazy to check it out myself.

Cover letters can die now, buh-bye, thanks.

I'm not dead!!!

I haven't touched this journal in months. I just haven't been inspired to write any entries whatsoever. For those who care (all one of you), I'm very very sorry.

What have I been doing with my time? Working and going to summer school. I need two classes to finally graduate. I was sick last week and only pulled a 43 on my Finance midterm but up until then I got good marks on the exams. I got it back on Monday and had a "WTF?" reaction...I have no idea what the hell I was trying to do on that paper. I could easily do those problems once my head cleared. That's what taking Sudafed and DayQuil does to you, I suppose. My other class, Business Statistics, is a nightmare. I only need a D-, but I swear that class is my albatross. I know people who have As in all other classes and they're making a D+ or lower in that class. It's absolutely depressing. I think I got sick because I was worrying so much about this exam; I always get sick right before a big exam. I need to learn how to let shit go and concentrate on the moment. Worrying about things never did anyone a lick of good.

I really want to go to one of Justin's club shows. I know that won't be possible because I think I have like, $9.00 in my account. jacatx is going to be mad at me. I could always ply my trade on Montrose. Timberlake is worth anything.

I have Fergie's London Bridge/ in my head. Please make it stop.

I had so many things I wanted to talk about but they're all gone so I think I will see y'all in another two months when I decide to update again.
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My little sister is a moron

The idiot stole a purse...during the last week of school.

She and a friend (who totally denied everything of course, duh) were in gym and overheard a group of girls talking about the things they would buy, and they money they had. My sister and her partner-in-crime thought it would be a good idea to steal one of the girls' purse, so she could feel what it's like to be poor. All in the name of teaching the girl a lesson. Smooth move, dumbass. The girl is probably going on summer vacation to God knows where, while you are going to be in summer school and spending the first few weeks of sophomore year in alternative school. I think the lesson has been BROUGHTEN.

The clincher is, she denied everything even though they caught her on tape. Who does she think she is, Bill Clinton? The youth of America today.
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